Anna Scott

Model and Hotwife in Las Vegas, NV

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I’m a model and influencer living part-time in Las Vegas, NV (and in NYC the other part) who enjoys travel, running, and sports — but my main interest lies in satisfying my incredible husband as his Hotwife/Vixen.

“Bulls” don’t interest me as a plaything... only good-looking, fit and clever gentlemen who understand that I’ve got all that I need at home. My sexual freedom centers on the thrill of my husband ultimately reclaiming what’s his.

Some stats: I’m a 5’7” 135lb well-endowed professional MILF with great taste (in clothes, food and men). My appetite for erotic adventure is voracious... and completely OK’d by hubby. He likes to watch!

And since hubby is a website wiz and takes great pics of me, we ONLY use my “” platform to find the right plaything(s) for me (while weeding out fakes, weirdos, pic collectors, stalkers, psychopaths, etc.). It also helps me see just with whom I’d like to get down and dirty.

ATTENTION! I only DM potential playthings at because keeping track of contact at KIK, AFF, SDC, etc. is WAY too overwhelming!

Sure, contacting me at OF will cost you, but I’m worth it. Moreover, it tells me a lot about you, too. And because I don’t want to feel guilty if we don’t click, I still show you all the naughty things you’d want to see, even if we don’t end up doing the deed....

REMEMBER: I’m neither a pornstar nor an escort, so be patient with me... I’ve got real life responsibilities to my husband and kids first, before I get to my hotwifing.

****Some of my PG pics are attached to this bio by clicking “+” on the photos above. If that’s not enough, some R-Rated stuff is on hubby’s Reddit page (u/ WillChristopher21) and you can follow me there.

BUT IF you want to be my plaything OR if you’d just like to see ALL of me — like full nudes and more risqué shots plus naughty videos — click above on VIEW MY PORTFOLIO and it will take you directly to!****



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